Who We Are

The Bridge Tech consists of University Instructors, Project Managers, and Software and Electrical Engineers, specialized in training students for the workforce and their academic careers. When students pass through our doors, they will be prepared to join the workforce and have an immediate impact.

Executive Summary

The Bridge Tech and Franklin Vance Warren Opportu-nity, Inc., (FVW) have joined their individually proven strategies, expertise, and experience in a place-based approach that combines STEM education, college and career preparedness, environmental stewardship, and economic and workforce development in low-resourced rural schools and communities. This model reduces poverty, increases educational access and equity, and provide opportunities in high income technology jobs.

Our Data Center

Our data center will capture IoT and smart city data on products and processes surrounding BridgeTech I0T initiatives. The data will be used to develop corresponding AI algorithms to improve those products and processes. Operated in conjunction with NC A&T State University’s Math Department and data scientists, the center will train students how to operate, maintain and support a production data center.

Our Monitoring Center

Our state-of-the-art monitoring center is where staff and students monitor electronic activities, both locally and abroad. The monitoring center will capture, analyze, report and alert all project data and IoT statuses in real-time using the leading real time operational intelligence platform on the market. Students and workforce participants will gain the experience of data science research, machine learning, and AI technology.

Big Data Technology

We are partnered with Universities, Communities, Leading Tech Industries, and Schools to deliver the most comprehensive big data technology training for participants from grade 8 to young adults. We use the most advanced enterprise data platform tool on the market to provide a learning path and certification for all students.

Agile Development Teams

Development Teams are structured and empowered to organize and manage their own work. The resulting synergy optimizes overall efficiency and effectiveness. Development teams will be dedicated specifically for the development of UI and reporting applications. The team will design, build, test and develop data platform applications for industries across the country.