Bridge Tech Greenville, SC

Engineers change the world. They develop creative, practical solutions that make a difference in our everyday lives. Engineers work with other smart, inspiring people to invent, design and create things that matter. A love for math and science is not necessary to be an engineer; you just need to be able to do it. Take a look at your skills. Do you have the traits of an engineer? Many of the best engineers are great communicators who also think creatively. If you are…. a creative, independent thinker, a team player, a problem solver, curious and persistent, passionate about making a difference in the world, and eager to make a positive effect on everyday life. If you think you have what it takes then our Bridge Tech Engineering Program is right for you!

Software Development and Computer Programming

Computer engineers continually push the capability and applicability of computers in every industry and every facet of modern life. Computer engineers embed computers in other machines and systems, build networks to transfer data, and develop ways to make computers, faster, smaller, and more capable. Computer engineers are improving the ability of computers to "see" and "think." They are making computers more mobile, and even incorporating computers into fabrics, clothes, and building materials. Computer engineers are concerned with analyzing and solving computeroriented problems. CPEs understand both the hardware and the software of computers. This enables them to choose the solution that is best, not just the one they know. Our Programmers are proficient in many programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, and ROS(Robotics Operating System). If you have what it takes to be a great Computer Programmer then the Bridge Tech is where you should Apply today!