The Bridge Tech News

The Bridge Tech is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Clinton Coalition for Youth Empowerment and Education (CC4Y). CC4Y brings rich and valuable offline data assets online, helping marketers improve both the precision and performance of their campaigns. CC4Y brings students and a community ready to engage in STEM training. The program can be offered to the youth of the community and open the participants mind to the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The Bridge Tech brings over ten years of STEM training and delivery. The Bridge Techs partnership with CC4Y enables the community to obtain the real world knowledge to become successful in a STEM related field. This partnership will help the community move toward greater prosperity by increasing their educational and employment opportunities through invaluable STEM training, real world projects and community tailored development. The safe and nurturing environment will be a place that students can grow and develop the skills needed to be future critical thinkers and problem solvers. This partnership will result in a highly trained workforce for the Clinton community. This community partnership in education will build relationships that will help people be a contributing factor to the success of the community. Our goal is to provide quality and professional training that will adequately meet the needs of the community. This real world STEM training will better prepare the participants for success in college and in careers. In other words this program will give the participants the skills needed to be successful in today’s world.